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    If you have a personal story of transformation,

    please send us a small overview in the form below.

    BOOK ONE IS NOW FULL. Thank you for all your submissions.

    Surviving Death

    Personal Stories of Recovery & Transformation

    In this first Book in the Series, we are showcasing people stories of transformation through experiencing death. Through the death of a loved one or their own death or NDE. We have TEN wonderful authors with incredible stories and wisdom who will fill the first book. From the loss of a child, and near death experiences in many different realms of existence, to out of body astral travel adventures and dreams from loved ones on the other side, with a very important message to humanity.


    BOOK ONE is NOW Full.

    But death is such a huge subject we may do another book with the same theme next year.

    My Awakening

    Discovering My Life Purpose.

    We would like to showcase peoples spiritual awakening journeys.


    How going through a traumatic time in your life put you on your spiritual path and changed you into a Difference Maker.


    These stories are to help others who are looking for answers as they go through their traumatic life transforming experiences.


    Please send us a short overview of your story in the form below.


    Thank You ..

  • The Awakening Soul Series

    Sharing our transformational stories changes the world.

    Are you courageous enough to share yours?


    We invite you to share your inspiring life stories with the world in this unique

    transformational book series. The book series will be launched in 2017.

    Right now we are seeking authors to get involved.

      Are you one of them?

    The Time is Now to Get Your Music Out of You and into a Book

  • Chapters in Book One: Surviving Death

    • A Message To Humanity
    • We Don't Die
    • The Girl With The Frangipanis in Her Hair
    • The Second Earth​
    • Hit By A Truck Atheist Goes to Heaven
    • I Choose LOVE
    • I Died To Learn How To Live
    • Love Eternal A Soul's Journey

    • My Spiritual TEAM
    • My Son in The Afterlife
    • Heaven is Empty
  • Excerpts from Book OneSurviving Death
    Personal Stories of Transformation

    October 17, 2017 · Grief
    September 2, 2017
    August 30, 2017
    August 29, 2017 · chapters
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  • Why we do this

    We're on a mission to evolve our world,

    by connecting you to people looking for your story and your wisdom.

  • Who Are We?

    A couple of Difference Makers on a mission to create a better world.

    Chief Inspirational & Hug Officer

    KAren is a transformational teacher of deliberate creation, spiritual coach and mentor, radio & TV host, inspirational speaker and author of 'Return to Love' & 'How Can I Get What I want.'


    She has a unique ability to draw people’s stories out of them through her Radio and TV show, Accentuate The Positive Media, and helps people find their purpose, connect to their highest values and Soul Plan and is a spiritual coach and supporter for the Difference Makers of our world.


    KAren has had access to exalted higher perspective most of her life. She is able to read people’s energy fields and vibration, speak to your guides and see your future, making her an excellent coach and interviewer. Her spiritual mandate is to activate, support and teach the New World Teachers, which she does through her sessions, webinars, ATP Media show and this book series.


    KAren is one of Australia’s Foremost Thought Leaders and Change Agents, Showing you the way to a Happier Healthier Life through Personal Sessions, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, Movies and Media.

    Read more about KAren here

    Chief Editing Officer

    Cyrus Kirkpatrick is the truth-seeking author of a dozen books including Understanding Life After Death, books about career, avoiding soul-crushing jobs, overcoming materialism, traveling, love and dating, and other self growth topics.


    Cyrus is an avid explorer of the world around us, currently based in Los Angeles, Cyrus has lived in 12 countries. His experiences abroad have provided lessons in self-reliance, independence, mobile and freedom-based work strategies, and the importance of community bonds.


    Through his work in North Korea, Cyrus has been featured on broadcasts like BBC London Radio and various local affiliates. His primary goal however, is the exploration of spiritual and otherworldly topics; which he believes is a key to reducing the amount of grief and fear in the world.


    Cyrus is from Tucson Arizona and grew up on a ranch, before his family was hit by a devastating foreclosure in the late 2000s. He graduated with a B.A. in film and television producing from the University of Arizona, and worked in video production and marketing. Growing up in the wilderness, Cyrus had way too much extra time to think about very big topics. His site can be found here.

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  • What is T A S S

    and why get involved?

    Have you noticed how fast people are waking up?

    We have created this book series to help people on their Awakening Journey. The world is going through a Grand Shift and there are many people looking for answers. As Frances Rey, one of our authors, wrote in her Book

    THE TEAM; A Mother's Wisdom From The Other Side.' 

    'It is An All Hands On Deck Moment Right Now in Human History,' 

    and your story is important.  


    Your story in this book series will provide the answers people are looking for and assist people on their Spiritual Awakening Journey.


    The Awakening Soul Series is a collage of stories addressing issues humanity is grappling with at this time. The Book Series is for conscious explorers, artists, teachers, healers and people seeking answers to life's most perplexing questions. We cover issues humanity faces on a daily basis, which can leave people asking, ''Why is this happening to me?''

    Sharing our personal stories of transformation, how we overcame our traumas and awakened to our true nature of love, is how we help humanity evolve, awaken and rise. Each book will cover a specific topic and showcase at least 10 personal stories from authors, healers teachers and conscious creatives who have used their challenges to transformed their world.


    Book topics covered...

    1. Surviving Death of a loved one or My NDE
    2. My Awakening Journey 
    3. My Alien Encounters
    4. Awakening to My Healing Powers
    5. Awakening to My Powers of Insight, Psychic Awareness and Intuition
    6. How I Became a Spiritual Channel of Higher Consciousness
    7. My Story of Becoming a Change Agent, Energy Healer, Lightworker & Difference Maker.

    Other subjects being considered are:

    • Overcoming cancer or illness
    • Learning to trust Life
    • Learning to thrive with change
    • Getting over attempted suicide or the suicide of a loved one.
    • How I remembered I am a Star Child.
    • My Abduction Story.

    BOOK One is NOW FULL Thank you for your submissions.

    We are currently only taking submissions for Book Two: My Awakening; Overcoming trauma and discovering my life purpose. And Book Three: My Alien Encounters: Personal stories of transformation.

    Submit your story in the form below.

  • Submit Your Story

    Please send us a short outline of your story for review.

    No more than 300 words in the form below.

      Please INCLUDE your Skype Name and Website and Facebook page Thank you. We will get back to you within 30 days if we accept your submission.

  • Personal Coaching Services

    Do you need help creating your journey into a compelling story?

    Personal Sessions available around the world with KAren Swain

    Receive personal guidance and coaching from KAren to help you formulate your life journey into a compelling and transformational read.

    Life Readings and Guidance Sessions.

    KAren will help you get your story down, without you putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. She has the unique ability to draw people’s stories out of them, after 6 years doing this on her show  Accentuate The Positive Media. She helps people find their purpose, connect to their highest values and Soul Plan and is a spiritual coach and supporter for the Difference Makers of our world. By interviewing you, KAren draws out your journey in a concise and genuine way. She knows what people connect with and how to formulate your journey into a story that will transform your life, as well as the lives of your readers. Coaching sessions start from $250 per session. To learn more please contact KAren Here.

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    Monthly Deliberate Creation Webinars with other Light-Workers and Difference Makers

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    Each month we gather online to learn how we are the genius creators of our world and how to flow our energy so we can impact the evolution of humanity. As well as learning more about the cosmos and the infinite possibilities that abound.

    We also invite other spiritual teachers and authors to join us and share their stories, making them available for your questions. Membership by subscription, $22 AUD per month.

     Maybe one day YOU will be our next Guest teacher! Join and find out more here..

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